by Bottom Out



released December 4, 2012



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Bottom Out

5 Piece hardcore band from Long Island New York.

Larry Schneider- Vocals
Ian Jacobsen- Bass
Mike Morton- Guitar
John Vega- Guitar
Nick Lockamy- Drums

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Track Name: Creator
Am I the failure? I find that hard to believe, the lies you preach never felt right to me. So as I sit, I contemplate how your ruling have no bearing on the life I'll make, My judgments pending, I can't pretend anymore, there's no substance in words you say. I feel the Reaper's cold gaze, accept the bitter embrace. I know that you bleed just like me. The fathoms of my mind are what give you life. It was my mistake, I gave you too much time. Am I the failure? I find that hard to believe, existence ends when I pull on your seams The bed of lies that you sleep, and the hate that you preach, blurs the fact that you don't speak without me. Not serving the will of those passed down before me, with eyes wide open to the fact it's the same repackaged story. You are a tyrant, no longer relevant. I know that you'll burn just like me.
Track Name: Abandon
I can't recall my name, or remnants of my faith, the ruins of my life in this world I've grown to hate. Done my time in the Devil's bed,searching for answers while longing for death. Pray to a god I don't believe, hopelessly living to die in this wasteland around me. This life is a stranger, and I've been left behind. Deliver me, from this living Hell. Blind eyes watching never drawing conclusions, enchanted by the lack of their own perception, I'm searching and searching, unable to accept the weight of my reality. I am alone.
Track Name: No Heaven
Day by day, with my proclivities, the fictitious state of the gates. Must I break free from this earthly haze? I can't see, and I can't feel the air, my hell is already here. Will we ever sleep? I'll keep that part of me. I can feel this body dying. No one knows the pain I feel each day, the failures of the sky forsaken me, at least we're all on the same page. At least we're all on the same fucking page.
Track Name: Home
Content with nothing I embrace the end, hand in hand. Purging thought from when this sorrow sank in. Never learned to love, never learned to trust. Smiling while think about this world without us. Bury the past, these graves are faceless. Echoes murmur as the days wane to grey. Atone for nothing as I watch the Earth bleed. That's the truth I accept, and that's the truth I believe. This mourning son has forgotten me, left here to rot, I set myself free. I've finally come home, my smirking nightmares perched on their thrones. Living through memories on this trail of deceased dreams, as my flesh screams.
Track Name: Ashes
Shallow purpose eats away at the soul, I know how this ends and this empty vessel that I call home is the greatest loneliness I've ever known. When the screaming stops, it's just another chance to lose. Take away material pain, fight for the air that I breathe today. In the ashes of what is left, breaking promises I should have kept. When my mind decays, I have to question what's left.